Julian Lage – Guitar Power


  1. Boozoo Chavis

    That intro sounded like what happens when my cats sit in while I am practicing – they love guitar but struggle with it since they don't have "thumbs" as we normally think of them! Nice tele too.

  2. Tim Sheil ofs

    I've been a musician/guitarist, as an enthusiastic amateur playing the occasional gig, for over 50 years playing brass, violin, guitar – classical, acoustic and electric – and I prefer to think of myself as a musician who plays guitar, as opposed to just a guitarist. I'm still inspired by the talent that I experience coming through every generation, especially in my own country, with so many amazingly talented players, especially those who play for the love of music and not the holy $. Being a musician is a vocation, and if you're lucky enough maybe a career. So play because you can and you love it. I'm always grateful to have players like Julian, even at my age, showing me new things with such grace, talent, and most importantly joy and an openness to new experiences and with an amazing enquiring mind. Love his playing, temperament, humility and tone. Also, worth checking out one of my fellow Australians, James Muller, who I believe Downbeat named as the most exciting guitarist on the scene a few years ago. A truly amazing musician. I am often mindful of an inscription on Woody Guthrie's Guitar "This machine kills fascists". Music can change the world, gently but with a positive effect. So go hard fellow musos in this crazy world and make your corner of this planet a better place as I believe Julian Lage does. Peace and all good.

  3. Fv E

    that spider-hand scares the shit out of me!!!

  4. Dan Anthony

    This is the greatest guitar player from this modern generation. Hes going to be. One of the greats.

  5. L'Donart

    What a wonderful person. Glad I got introduced through this video. Thank you. You're both immensely talented.

  6. MrMusicguyma

    Julian is excellent at blues, jazz, bluegrass, gypsy, and probably anything he wants.

  7. Vineet Chobisa

    Can somebody please tell me the name of his fav guitar player
    Was it "Ally smith " , i couldn't find it on internet .

  8. ThePeace0815

    he seems so nice and understanding, you can see the interviewer enjoying his conversation

  9. Giaco54

    23 ….23 who what?! don't like his jacket? pants? shoes? it can't be his playing! holy crap…

  10. Adam Lee

    What a beautiful, gentle spirit he is – I'm almost as in awe of his character as I am of his incomprehensibly advanced musical ability.

  11. filipelouro

    This what happens when you really study music. Imagine the possibilities… I want to be free too

  12. panagranit pana

    Why is Julian's guitar breaking up like that's the amp thing or does he have like a little increased gain sounds cool I think that's a cool. It sounds like Ted Green . Almost like a vibrato on the guitar.

  13. John Grunwell

    Having never really enjoyed those jazz guitar sounds coming from the various approaches pioneered by jim Hall/Wes Montgomery/Joe Pass, and having listen to Lage's work on Telecaster, coupled with the amazing tone/virtuosity of Ted Greene, I have to say that I think the Telecaster is the ideal jazz guitar for the smoothest and most pleasant tone.

  14. JarlEgbert

    Watching guys like this play makes me realise just how shitty of a player i really am. Haha. 6 years of playing extreme metal. Oh well, difference in style i guess. It's not like you can compare it anyway. But it made me realise i need to work on my clean playing some more…

  15. Stephen Plante

    Does anybody know what the last chord he ended on was? So open sounding and lethargic

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