Led Zeppelin The Rain Song Full Song guitar lesson +Tab (HD)


  1. Harry Watkins

    You should have way more views and subscribers . So many people would benefit from watching your videos, but they simply haven't heard of you. Like me! That's YouTube reccommended videos formula, for you…

  2. Dean Watson

    Thanks Chris. Tabs + broken down, articulate lesson made it easy. Much obliged.

  3. rick jones

    great lesson. i lived in los gatos back in 89 yeah year of the quake. i use transcriber as well such a great bit of software. best way i have found to learn off recordings. thanks for the lesson. one of my zep favs.

  4. Jim Hill

    I appreciate the overhead view of the fretboard and guitar. It's often difficult to follow along with a right-handed player – having to think in reverse. There was a youtube instructor who taught beatle songs with left handed instruments – then it's like looking in a mirror with one's own guitar.very nice pacing for the lesson and gentle approach. no need to scare the student. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Najda

    Thanks for the post! I was excited to start learning the song but as I was tuning my high E string broke 🙁 I'll have to get a new one and start tomorrow!

  6. 32shumble

    I'm new to non-standard tunings – could you tell me which strings have been tuned up and which have been tuned down to achieve DCGCGD?
    And what string gauges you used.

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