Taimane’s Tutorial – JOLENE Ukulele Strum Pattern


  1. 4Motion54

    Hi Taimane, great cover and tutorial for the easier Version of your strumming pattern! Would be very interessted in a tutorial with your more challengung Version!!! Hope you make a second tutorial, for all who want to try it out!!! Looking Forward for it. Be blessed!!

  2. ultramansato

    Great video. Would like to learn more how you do your fast finger roll!! With the index finger.

  3. Vanessa

    Can u make the challenge version of the song I wont to learn that

  4. Jody Ward

    Every tutorial you give us is like a master class for free! Your very generous. Looking forward to what ever comes next. Thank you

  5. Braddtastic

    Thank you, Taimane… I would LOVE to see a tutorial on that awesomely complicated strum you show at the beginning of this vid. Hope to see more of your tutorials, and thanks for sharing!

  6. Olivia Harrison

    Thank you for and awesome video, I would love to see more tutorials especially on a range of intermediate and advanced strumming techniques!! 🌸

  7. Stephan Mack

    Awesome, mahalo! Though I `ll need a while to get the counting right, I`d also love to dig in deeper, with all the mutes an so on.

  8. Aly

    Thank you Tai!! Awesome!! <3 I would like to try the challenging version 😀

  9. Prêt à Porter Diffusion

    Merci !!!!! I would learn the continuation/ follow , especially to scratch as you make so well as flamenco …. so sorry for my awful english .

  10. l Ne

    i would love to play the complex version (i would love to try) c:

  11. Allan P

    That is beautiful, Please do a short video showing the intro strum. Please

  12. messinn

    Thank you – would really like having a more challenging version.

  13. youtubeUser

    Thank you ! I not affried to be challenged 🙂 and i would love to play the complex version

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