The F Maj7 Chord (Guitar Lesson BC-142) Guitar for beginners Stage 4


  1. Shikhar Singh

    I ve been learning guitar from you from the very beginning and I've improved a lot. Thanks sir😊

  2. bixbybixby

    I use all strings, open bottom E string, open fifth string A, then include your fingering. I mean what's the difference. You're playing the open top E string, so why not add the bottom E string, you're playing the 3rd string A note, so why not add the open fifth A string. Purists probably won't like it, but it makes a fuller sounding chord.

  3. intermarer

    Why is this called F Maj7 and not just F7? Aren't all the one-letter-chords major?

  4. InfamousLegend4

    Thank you for teaching this chord. I can play normal F ok but this really helps getting around the chord!

  5. obamarosa

    I don't understand why we have to mute the A string. The middle finger is on the 2nd fret of the G string, which means the note being hit is A.

    What I mean is…. It sounds fine with the open a string being hit, since A is in the chord anyways. Right?

  6. Junacel Lecanuj

    u are a good tutor im learning with you im starting to master the different finger positions of the chords.thanks:) ,but im having a hard time understanding about that KEY something. key of f, c and so on. +.+

  7. SocietyLee

    Jumper – Third Eye Blind. Fmaj7-C-G . Heard this chord and went there immediately hehe

  8. Kosuke Tani

    so if i could replace the F chord with Fmaj7 in the key of C, would it also work for the key of A minor because it has the same key signature?

  9. Chelsea Alexander

    You are the best, THANK YOU!! AND please consider the fact that this hat looks WAYYYY better on you than the Watson/newsboy hat …..way better. cheers!

  10. Nathan Taylor

    Yes he is! I have been playing for only around a month, and Justin is the main person I watch to learn.

  11. E Q

    I really like this chord man, sounds like kind of a Vincent Gallo or Beth Gibbons song ! Thanks Justin ! ;^)

  12. Dreamer23245

    I can do the F barre chord but in some songs its a little difficult to do it fast enough so i when that happens i usually use the chord in the video and it sounds good, sometimes better even.

  13. Rex Pearson

    Hey man, this is a very cool lesson! ive just created some beginner courses that you might want to check out on my channel. Its the Hub of a new website >> RexPearson. com << would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think


  14. elman

    @unclesamfatg Try it with classical guitar 😀

  15. Cameron Eaton

    I've been playing guitar for 2 years, and only just starting to learn chords (Big metalhead, didn't realise how important chords were haha) With your tutorials I'm picking them up extremely easily. Thanks man!

    (Anyone else starting guitar that likes metal, LEARN CHORDS FIRST!)

  16. Darkdayzz

    Yeah, i will expect that its hard at the beginning, when i first had my guitar and did only 3 beginner chords, my fingers hurt for 3 weeks straight. But now i dont have any problem with those.

  17. ex0ja

    I can do the F barre alright (not perfectly though) but I find the 'little F' harder!

  18. gEoRgEsTrAiTjUnKiE91

    I'm Glad you finally loaded stage 4! 😀 I've worked on stages 1-3 and they've really helped me out. I'm learning a song and it's actually starting to sound like the song's supposed to!!!

  19. 88Zero

    Good lesson but if you want to get the open F or barre chord version down, find a song that uses it and practice.

  20. Darkdayzz

    THE BIG BAD F!!! :O
    Is it really that hard?
    Im gonna try to see if i can 🙂 I have a book with all chords 🙂
    If it doesnt work, ill try your tips 🙂
    I wanna start big, which i shouldnt do but ill do it anyway 😛
    Thanks for the lesson Justin your great!

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