Train “Hey Soul Sister” Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)


  1. Kevin Delk

    Wow, what are the odds? I just broke out my old Train CD the other day. Might have to do this one

  2. Jon Moy

    Marty thank you for another awesome lesson ! Would you please please do a lesson on Bullet Boys – Hang on Saint Christopher – Thank You for everything you post !


    Hey Marty! I just wanted to ask you when all along the watchtower pt.4 is coming cause in part 3 you promised to do a part 4 I’m really looking forward to that video!

  4. Thomas Ortiz

    Hey Marty thank you for your teaching. You made fingerpicking really understandable in kanas dust in the wind I was wondering if you can do alice in chains-down in a hole id appreciate it your awesome

  5. daniel michalovic

    Hi Marty ..can you make a tutorial how to play shine on you crazy diamond ( Pink Floyd ) ? Please

  6. Frank Chiavetta

    Hey Marty really appreciate all of your videos. You single-handedly taught me how to play! Thanks for everthing!

  7. Evan N

    Great lesson, your by far the best teacher I've come across. Was wondering if you could do a acoustic version of sponge's plowed. Thanks for the grest lessons.

  8. B-Ball Panda

    Could you do some lessons on Jimi Hendrix stuff. Your the only one who does good lessons on him in my opinion

  9. Kyle K

    I agree with some other comments, we need some Greta Van Fleet!!!

  10. Hutch Klutch

    Marty please do more Jimi Hendrix lessons. You're the best at teaching Jimi stuff. I would love to learn more solos like Voodoo Child and others. Please, Please, Please Teach us MORE HENDRIX. You're the Best brotha!!!!!

  11. Casey Lyons

    Can you do a video for "Into the Great Wide Open" by Tom Petty? It seems like a great song to know

  12. Marina G

    So funny, just saw Train live two nights ago so this has been in my head!! Thanks for the help (since I don't have a uke anymore)!!

  13. bjpix

    Hey, thanks for keeping the videos coming. Could you do "the only living boy in new york" please?

  14. buddha boy

    Marty rarely teaches what the comment section request.. Tried many times!

  15. bubbletea124

    Hey Marty thanks for the great lessons!
    It woult be awesome to see a Pink Floyd Time Solo Lesson.:)

  16. Nisarg Shah

    Hey Marty, Can you please please do a lesson on Ten years gone by Led Zeppelin! Also you are easily the best guitar teacher on all of YouTube!!!

  17. Karim Hayat

    Matry awesome lesson but could you do Aha Take on Me lesson next time pls

  18. Default

    marty i've tried play "too far – scorpions" on guitar but it's hard and the tabs are weird, can you help me with this song?

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