Why Do I Have Signature Pickups?! (Friday Fretworks)


  1. Smokey Beard

    Great job Chris. Nice chilled video to start my saturday. Shat myself when you started talking about beards melting. Gonna have to be careful there haha. Gonna get me some Radioshop pickups soon I think.
    Cheers Chris

  2. Sean Crow

    250$ totally worth it !! my next purchase for my Partscaster ( John Mayer neck , Eric Johnson body and Chris Buck pups )

  3. Stephen Garen

    I'm surprised no tone wood can of worms has opened (yet?) with this video. Lol. I'm a fan of the Fender '62 Tele bridge pickups. I have one in my Fender Tele and G&L Blues Boy. Funny thing is that the Fender is Alder body, G&L is Ash. The '62 sounds different in each…although people state it has no effect on the sound. Rosewood and Maple necks is the new one on me, but I can understand the concept behind the statement in this video. Not up for the whole TW debate though. Just stating what I know from experience with my T-style guitars. My four Strats all have different pickup sets in them. I have no issues with 60CH or noiseless. Each are a balancing act to get the most out of them. These RadioShop pickups are intriguing. Definitely noted for future purchase.

  4. David D

    Big Hairy Umphies on that sound. Thanks Chris! Been looking forward to this one. Very interesting!

  5. Mike Schroeder

    I too am a proud owner of this fantastic set of pickups. I purchased these pickups last year and had them shipped all the way to California in hopes that it would somehow be the key to unlocking my hidden abilities to play like Chris. Sadly i am still just a mediocre guitar player. All joking aside, i really love the way these things sound. Since i have installed these on my Olympic white MIM Strat i can say that i play so much more just because i like the way it all sounds and have improved my playing because of that reason. Now if only these pickups came with a wife and kid repellent so i could play uninterrupted for at least 10 minutes!

  6. 74dart man

    Thanks for the great video Chris. I had asked about them a while back and I've been looking forward to this video. The pickups sound great and I like electrical things and this was really interesting. I've experimented with small 3 pole pickups for cigar box guitars and it's a lot of fun! I'd love to get a set of yours some day. The tone is incredible!

  7. 2theregiment1

    Paul’s face at 0.07 is a peach😂….we knew what you meant Chris. Your playing carries such feeling, I enjoy every note you play and look forward to many more years of enjoyment listening to you. Must check out the pickups also!

  8. Timjx __

    Got a set fairly recently and they are fantastic, very rich, responsive and as mentioned
    have that dynamic range (headroom for pups i guess ☺️)replaced a set of Fender CS69s
    deffo seriously recommend em !

  9. E W

    Are the pickups noiseless? I have an Elite strat and love that I don't get that annoying 60 cycle hum. Thanks.

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