Absolute Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – First Chords


  1. Ben Lee

    first helpful chord video Ive found, slow and clear and those diagrams are really good too, thanks!

  2. zcfad89

    Fantastic video, starting to get an idea already. Callouses building so fingers feel better lol.

  3. Val H.

    Wrong hand. Your left hand is the one thats upposed be at the top

  4. Paulo Sousa

    Great stuff… thanks.
    Hope u hv more stuff to teach me.. i'll hv a look thru ur videos (if u don't mind) 🙂

  5. Ben Pryor

    Thank you for helping me just understand the chords a lot more easier than just as it seems sir you are a very great help to me i hope you are always available to help someone anytime i respect you're teaching to subscribe like and favorite you're video just to help me out i again thank you and if anyone could ever help me out that would be helpful thank you.

  6. Ben Pryor

    if anyone could ever help me out with anything for the guitar it would be helpful contact me anytime thank you all.

  7. Ben Pryor

    Thanks i need to keep practicing i have only started to play the guitar for 2 days but you sir have simplfied it in a way that is a lot easier to understand.

  8. just_us_wilkes

    This is a great video! Thank you very much. Very easy to understand for a true beginner.

  9. Sophi2193

    Brilliant help, thank you! I have watched other videos and they demotivated me as I felt I couldn't get the hang of it. Thanks to your videos I am excited to learn again and was able to get the chords first time. I now have a little diagrams on my wall at university so I can learn to read the chord charts properly. Very helpful tutorial! 🙂

  10. Rex Pearson

    You got to love youtube for learning guitar. Such an Amazing resource. Im using it as the foundation for a great new beginner guitar course. Would love to have your feedback on it!

    RexPearson. com

  11. EonPeon

    Very good, even better if you're a lefty!! I'd thoroughly recommend this for those with a left-handed predisposition! Perhaps you could flip the video in your edit suite, and Hey Presto! You've got a video for everyone!

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