CSN “Helplessly Hoping” Full Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson


  1. Blue Heaven

    Can u please do a lesson on jealous guy by John Lennon. Love your lessons

  2. Étienne Gallas

    Great, thank you ! Could you teach us a good lesson of Something by George Harrison and the Beatles ?

  3. Bill Bratek

    Oh my goodness thank you so much Swift, I’ve been waiting to learn this since I’ve heard it! Excited to sit down and learn this!

  4. Micheal Stark

    Finger picking is a bit hard for me but getting there. Nice song. But would love you to try crying waiting hopeing by marshal crenshaw.

  5. Keeaun Jones

    Yes! been waiting for a good tutorial by someone on this tune for ages! Cheers

  6. mike johnson

    Your rendition has that, how can I say…”certain petit quelque chose” translation, certain little something in franch, can not be defined to say the least, simply magnificent, thank you for your insight to this historical masterpiece

  7. c

    Can you teach McFlys All About You

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