Easy Guitar Chords AC/DC – Rock Guitar Lesson – Guitar Tricks 48


  1. carlosbarraganrules

    @gooney0 yea thanks i have 10-48 strings on my les paul copy guitar, i just adjusted the intonation as best as i could but i didnt do anything on the to the tension, so ill try that. thanks again

  2. gooney0

    @carlosbarraganrules You may need to adjust the intonation a bit. If you have a vibrato you may also need to adjust the spring tension as heavy string may cause the bridge to sink.

  3. Christopher Schlegel

    Showing how to clean up the sound was a good idea. It even sounds more like ACDC type classic rock; tube break up but no actual fuzzy distortion. Good job!

  4. carlosbarraganrules

    man your lessons rock, and you always look like you r having the greatest time playing. who inspired you to pick up the guitar? for me it was slash.

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