Essential neo-soul/gospel 251 lick | chord progression // guitar lesson


  1. porch pickin

    didnt really read the comments, nice lick, seems like some of your theory is off, but otherwise cool lines man. It would probably be worth taking this video apart again, and maybe doint a voice over of it to correct your mistakes… good playing btw!

  2. Rinke Heerema

    Lol, I get the feeling that you speeded the first part up :') Nice playing though!

  3. Miran Öztürk

    Cool sound, but I don't really feel a steady groove happening & the fast runs in between feel quite rushed… less is more! just my opinion though, great playing 🙂

  4. Lukas Passmann

    cool licks! you look kinda familiar… do I know you from TV? dunno why but I feel like I've seen you before (not on youtube tho)

  5. Kevin Schellevis

    what brand of stratocaster is that? im looking to buy a fender custom shop but im also investigating other brands.

    Great video, really liking the neosoul lessons

  6. Bern Sanchez

    Omg!!! Finally found the best teacher on Youtube… Thanks for this best lesson!!! I already subscribe brother! Great stuff and more of this please!!!! God bless u

  7. CaberraTV

    Friends, once the tutorial starts I'm talking about Gmaj as the tonic, but its of course Amaj as mentioned in the beginning. Keep on jammin'!

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