Guitar Lesson – Crazy Train (solo) with tabs


  1. Max Low

    Whoa, what the hell? I was planning on learning this two days ago and then this pops up. Good shit as always.

  2. zombee38

    Very good for a headless guitarist ! Randy still my favorite after all this years

  3. Adiktive Sounds

    Nice playing and lesson Dave. Thanks for the Tabs and your time to post the video. You could be my guitar teacher any day. Sign me up.

  4. oscar albuquerque

    GREAT! Your lessons are always awesome. The moments when you tell to feel the notes is something real, i mean most of the times the old generations of guitar players just felt it and went for it, the results are still impressive. Sometimes when you get too much scientific about notes you lose the soul of the whole thing. PLEASE DO MORE VIDEOS. CAN YOU MAKE SOMETHING OF VAN HALEN BALANCE IN TERMS OF SIMULATING THAT TYPE OF SOUND?

  5. Doug Bramel

    Bro, love your lessons. Next lesson like this, could you turn volume up a bit during the times you had it off?

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