how to play “Jenny Wren” on guitar by Paul McCartney | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial | DEMO


  1. David Fleming

    Thanks, but this a much less interesting than "Blackbird." Its a shame Paul (who I revere so much) shamelessly ripped off his own song…

  2. Ian M

    Windy and warm please… You are a great teacher and there arent many good tutorials on youtube

  3. Greg Nelson

    Your tutorials are fantastic! ! Would you consider doing the "The twin peaks theme" by Herman

  4. realcygnus

    I'm a huge PM fan(especially of his old stuff), but I don't think I ever heard this one. There are some really quirky changes in there but it made total sense when it finally gets to that Ab………..great post, as always !

  5. R A

    I love that tone, what kind of guitar are using?

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