How to tune the EVH Floyd Rose D-Tuna


  1. Eddie Lucero

    Man. Get to the point bro. This video should have taken 2 minutes max.. Thanks for the info none the less

  2. canyoncarver

    Thanks for the tip. My D-Tuna has always been out of whack and it was bothering me. I bought it like this and I blame quality control. Thanks to your tip, it's in tune now! 🙂

  3. Cletus Anfernee Jackson

    Thanks. Old fart, newer player. 1st trem and I am somewhat apprehensive. Thanks for sharing and subbed now. I remember the 1st time I heard EVH. Pulling up to a 7/11 and they played Eruption/You really got me. I was WTF was that?!? Growing up on Page and guys like that it just blew my mind LOL. I actually didnt like him too much because he sounded like he was on a different level than all my heroes LOL Happy and SAFE holidays all and crank that mother!!

  4. S Biegs

    Go to @5:00 and do what he says. (THANK YOU BY THE WAY Mr. Sonnyrocker!!!)
    Editing videos was not invented when he made this.
    Much appreciated… Just go to the 5 min mark. Everything is explained in 35 seconds.

  5. redalert85able

    I just watched this video, looks like the little small screw on the D-Tuna needs to be all the way out, because when I adjusted mine earlier, it tightens the pressure on the D-Tuna from pop in to pop out..I'll resume work with the small screw as far out as it will video.

  6. siccen s

    Thanks for this video. I actually took my guitar to have a EVH D Tuna installed along with new strings. When I asked the guy who installed it for me about how to tune the D Tuna if It comes out of tune, he told me not to touch that little allen screw on the D Tuna! I think he was very shady.

  7. TheRockerPao

    Hey! I'm gonna buy a Kramer Pacer guitar, (it has no floating floyd rose, like your guitar). So, my doubt is: Can I change tunnings without any trouble, or setup? Just like a strat tremolo? And why do you use a D-Tuna? I'm new with these things… Thank you!

  8. Taz S

    do you loosen the D tuner (where the low E string is) on the fine tuners, or do you tighten it?

  9. Taz S

    cant you just use the fine tuners to tune your E in the end?

  10. Chris Long

    I got the wolfgang special from mexico the stealth. was supposed to get the olive drab but very happy withe the mix up in shipping. I think it does have the stainless steel frets

  11. Chris Long

    hey Sonny just got my wolfgang special today and you made tuning it so easy thank you very much. hope you have more videos on the wolfgang.

  12. Dean botts

    My d tuna doesnt work its so tight it wont even pull out what do i do

  13. michel taillon

    had a d-tuna installed on my charvel a couple weeks ago but forgot the sequence to tune it back. thanks a lot Sonny you saved me a headhache and most probably a couple of items in my furniture ;-). thanks for your lessons and the patience you put in your work.

  14. jimmy scott

    thanks. could you please tell me how far it sticks out of the floyd rose when playing standard tuning? i dont want to route much of body for pulling up. the cavity space now is approx 22 mm
    ( i use goldo backbox so it won't go sharp in dropped D )

  15. Fandango

    It looks and sounds so simple…. my wolfgang is a piece of utter shit though… ive tried everything over the years that ive had it and i cant get it in tune… the d tuna wants to press against the body when i try to fine tune it to E And all the other strings are never in tune when swapping from D to E… They always go out of tune for one or the other… ive tried raising the bridge, doesnt work… i bought a dud

  16. J DeLeon

    Sonny thanks brother for all the time you put into your lessons!. Really do enjoy them all! Do you think that you could put a lesson together on "Lay it down" by Journey? Thanks again!

  17. Mark Love

    Great Lesson as always!!
    I will be guitar shopping in June and thinking about a Fender EVH or a Axis. I prefer that these Floyd's don't float.
    Thanks Bro!!

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