***Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird Guitar Backing Track***


  1. Jeremy Santos

    Hey could you make a version of this that is only piano? Preferably the live version of the piano? With the solo played live between the verses? That would be great. In Standard tuning.

  2. Greg Lynn

    @burkebackingtracks Hey man cool stuff!! I will be using this at a recently departed friend's "Celebration of Life" party. NICE!

    Can you email me a time-stamp list as to when the 2nd verse, "bye bye babe, been a sweet love," Etc shows up? It's a LITTLE tough to figure out the arrangement.

  3. OLDVI singer

    Hi I take you by your words hahaha ok man make a track about the title WORDS by Neil Young for me please and I will let your name shine thx OLDVI

  4. Frankie strakats

    great job bro!
    can you make a FINAL COUNTDOWN without guitar and vocals pls??
    it would be great if you can do my request..thank you very much! 🙂

  5. mkaali

    could you fix the part after 8:57 ? I was just getting in the mood

  6. Music_2010

    PLEASE can u pls make a backing track of cry for the bad man ? I cant find it in itunes or in utube!

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