Minor Pentatonic Scale Root on “E” String PART 1 – Lead Guitar Practice Routine


  1. ilikefood

    i just bought my first guitar and im super confused on where to start. are minor pentatonics a good starting place or where should i start? i mainly got into electric guitar because i want to eventually be able to play frank ocean and that type of r&b stuff

  2. gabriela gonzález

    Awesome lessons, love the channel.
    Do you have any advise regarding sitting posture with the guitar and how to hold the pick? Sometimes I feel a bit awkward while sitting with the guitar, trying to reach all the notes properly. I play an acoustic guitar

  3. Daniel Javellana

    Hi marty, can you tell me what are 7 shapes scales and 5 shapes scale? why there are 7 shapes and 5 i'm pretty confused on that, sorry i'm beginner on scales, haha btw thanks to you I watched your lessons since when I started playing. Godbless!

  4. Mike W

    Hey Marty. Thanks for this four part lesson set. I'm getting back into guitar. This is a great place to start.

  5. Robert Coleman

    Been practicing this on acoustic guitar ,bought a electric guitar yesterday and just had so much vibration on the open strings ,so maybe a quick mention regarding muting to go with these exercises, ..didnt realise difference ?. So spending my time perfecting palm muting to go along with this video Really good video really appreciated

  6. Coxy

    just spent an hour doing this watching noel Gallagher talk about oasis. My handis quite tense

  7. Tried & True Tools

    Hey could someone please answer me a quick question? Seems simple, but I have yet to find anyone who clarifies this.. If I start the pentatonic scale, for example, in the Key of C, but with the root on the A string (in the 3rd fret) and I follow the normal pentatonic shape, will it still work the same way it does on the E string… I obviously understand you lose the last few notes on the high E and don't get as far through the scale but does the shape apply until you get there?

  8. joao Figueiredo

    Hi Martin , can you play Don't go to strangers – J J Cale ? (with solo ! ) What you say ?

  9. tassos v

    thank you Marty!keep doing this great work!!you're the most pleasant online company!!

  10. Puklej chleba

    Marty, all I can play today is because of you! You are great teacher because if I ask somebody all around me they´re not so patient like you. In your case, when I need to repeat something, you´re always as same as positive like in the first step. Maybe it´s you tube, maybe it´s really you 🙂 Once again – thanks maan, you´re doing great job! 🙂

  11. Vic Soboleski

    Ok I didnt or couldnt see in the triplets that I assume you double up the very top note and very bottom note so the triplet doesn't end up with same note twice within a triplet…..if that makes sense lol….if I don't double up ,and assuming I didn't make a mistake ( checked and rechecked) after coming back down towards low E …if I don't double the highest note(c on hi e string ) , meaning start with the same C when turning around ,that when I hit the low E I start the "triple-a" on the C and would go to the A and back to the C…..which I guess is fine and would be a great way to expand the exercise to be more difficult …..but I think you meant for it to be a re start at top and bottom (double last note in either direction) ….?

  12. James The Maniac

    After playing for 2 years only lookin up songs's tabs online to play, I figured by now I should've known this. I wish I learned this sooner. It's easy peasy for me nowadays.

  13. John Howard

    Marty – great lesson and thanks for your posts. Becoming a better player because of it!

  14. Quinaris

    I'm using an old guitar my sister lent me and OH MY CHRIST is the neck huge! my wrist has to contort itself in order to touch the top string. no wonder she never played it…

  15. rbackshall

    so can i use this on any scale for instance on the root of b and it would give a b minor pent scale?

  16. Blues Child101

    Hi Marty, is this for the key of E? because i am Learning E miner Pentatonic and the E Blues Scale. Also do there both connect together for songs in E ?.

  17. Mike Sapelli

    @martymusic I've been playing for a while, but have no concept of music theory. I'd really like to take my playing to the next level, especially my lead playing. My problem is I don't know where to start, and which direction to go in from there. There are many different scales and methods, it can be overwhelming

  18. emasart

    Puerto Rico in the house…. Awesome video series Marty.. you think you can do the same with mayor pentatonic?. thanks man

  19. Robert Carlson

    Thank yo Marty, I love you video and this one is great. I wanted to learn scales and how to practice. This series was very helpful to me because its seem to be hard to practice in an organized way.

  20. akzokynar

    So glad I found your channel! Your lessons are great! Thanks, Marty, for your time!

  21. jay legirons

    I really like how you have everything in order. I can play part one and not have to search all over for part 2. Thanks for the vids.

  22. Diego Jungen

    your damn good marty!!!!👍👍👍how many guitars do have in your collection?keep it up!!!

  23. Cadu Prado

    Hey Marty! Thanks once again for great lessons!

    Not trying to be repetitive, just to make sure you check out: the blues playlist could be in a better order, to guide begginer to what learn first and next, you know?

    Thanks a lot, you've been helping for a while now!

  24. Scotty T.

    Dude your the man , inspiring ..technical ..you break everything right down..great sense of humor ! you make it fun and i have learned so freakin much in such a short time, I'm so thankful bro!!

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