Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know Guitar Lesson EXPLORER Tutorial


  1. Amy Bedell

    I will definitely work on it on my own in the meantime, but Please yes follow-up with your arrangement at some point! You're the best, thank you!

  2. The Guitarist

    Do country roads take me home fingerstyle arrangement Please please please!!????

  3. Simon V

    This is a brilliant lesson because it really captures and shines a light on what many of us actually experience and get frustrated by when learning new stuff and it certainly helped me so … thank you Justin

  4. James Moon

    Aww this sounds so good! Id love to be able to play as well as that!!

  5. Soltano

    Now I am glad I took the time to learn from katies window. I believe it helped a lot for this one.

  6. Arkaprava Dutta

    It is so refreshing to see someone share the entire thinking process. Thank you it has been immensely helpful.

  7. Michal Moss-Dans

    Matey that sounds mint, good on ya for listening to us on your live stream! This has a wicked sound to it

  8. Suzanne Smith

    Sometimes i just love to watch you play and almost forget i am here to learn something new! Your talent for playing and teaching are just awesome!!

  9. Christopher Williams

    This man here is the reason I never gave up guitar,I've more or less learnt everything I know from him,from starting off with my first major chords all the way up to barre chords,scales,rhythm,techniques and everything else in between.
    For someone to give up their own time to teach others guitar absolutely free is so touching and inspirational,he also gave me faith back in the human race whilst I was in a dark place at a certain point in my life…..I just wanna personally say thanks mate…..your a good man.

  10. Yanto2013

    Thank you Justin you Da Man! Great Lesson. May I ask what kind of Pick up is that please?

  11. weshard1

    I met Mike Dawes at a Paul Gilbert gig, and told him I bought the tab to his version of this track, without the possibility of ever being able to actually play it. He probably hears that a lot. He’s a top bloke.

  12. khgriffi

    Nice Justin. Very nice. Something I can actually work towards! In addition to Mike Dawe’s version, have you seen Sungha’s ukulele version?? Pretty sick as well.

  13. Devansh Das

    Happy to see your video. Please upload more frequently if your schedule allows.

  14. DrGHouse

    This was awesome please do more of these,i feel like i learnt more now than in the past week

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