Guitar Lesson. How To Play Big Bill Broonzy Licks In Key Of G. & Other Stuff Too! A Blues Scale!


  1. bob gwinn

    very helpful…. at least i was able to get lick out of the G open with the Dssending 5 3 1ending with a E3.robert johnson style.. thats a start lol

  2. Lucille just rocks

    Oops..a very long lesson…will watch the rest later…what I heard so far, was inspirational…….catch u later

  3. Lee Riddiough

    Hi pal sounds like you do distance learning ?? Send me a message .. want some 1 on 1

  4. штат Карелия

    Ни слова не понимаю😆😆😆
    Но настроение поднимает на неделю вперёд!!!
    Готов все видео пересматривать по 300 раз!!!

  5. Wladimir Tayninskiy

    I like your lesson, but in the beginning, play the whole melody for the lesson, then you'll explain. Without starting the whole melody it is not clear what you need to learn. It's necessary to finish this phrase and finish the melody! The ring is very important, otherwise we are at a loss! So will it be?

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