Nuno Bettencourt Style Funk Rock Electric Lead Guitar Solo Lick Lesson – Dorian Pedal Tones N4


  1. Rifle Twist

    What year of manufacturer is this guitar and also is this a U.S.A. model? Does this guitar you are using have the those nut locks in the back of the neck? Please.

  2. edmatper

    Do this guy know a little of Nuno's music ? It doesn't sound at all like a Nuno track or his funky metal style. Nuno got mojo, this guy got a N4. And a bad one !

  3. ilovemiself32

    wow ! that Peavey Express 112 is one i've used for years !! i think its discontinued .. mine got busted and ive been searching like crazy for another one .. i got so used to that amp and knew how to get sounds with that and my pedalboard that no other amp can do

  4. ZeRealGlobox

    Cool lesson, nice axe.. but i'm still searching for the Nuno Bettencourt relation here 😉

  5. Kyle Hudson

    hey do a lesson on play that funky music white boy… i really want to learn that one and thought to see if ur had a vid but u dont…. but awesome vids plz make vid

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