The Girl From Ipanema – Chord Melody (Slow Practice Version – 95 bpm)


  1. Larry Hunter

    Try playing the Fmaj7 back at the nut & you can use the open E for the start & ending
    by moving up to F# with the dangling (my word) E…sounds really good (to me). Love your arrangements!

  2. DeanMk1

    Hey, this is nice! I really like the slower speed. Thanks for posting this, Chris.

  3. Guitar Johhny

    Quick question Chris, I saw in a comment before you use a Logictech C920 to record video. Are you using an application to sync the sound coming from your soundcard to record the video and audio simultaneously through quicktime or are you recording the audio and syncing it with video from the C920 using video editing software post production? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Arthur

    Love your work man! Would love to hear you play someday my prince will come

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