1 lick 5 scales ( With Tabs) Expanding Ideas


  1. dodge 101

    this new thing with the tabs is the most convenient thing ever..such a great idea..!
    Happy Easter Rob!

  2. ph0kused

    love that guitar, hate that clear pickguard…just let that thing breathe!

  3. prehistoric pigeon

    Awesome video!! I love the sounds of the licks but I found it quite hard to keep up with because when your explaining which notes to go to, you kind of speak quite fast….

  4. Henry G3

    do another vocal lines on guitar video!!! It was cool

  5. hawg427

    Robert, who keeps your studio so clean, you or your Wife? My room looks like a tornado has passed through it. LOL It is a true Man cave. LOL

  6. Anna

    I don't know if I like your channel because of your luscious hair or your videos. Either way your channel is awesome!

  7. RC32

    Ahhh pretty diverse and broadening lesson my man!

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