Guitar Lesson: How To Play “Undone – The Sweater Song” By Weezer


  1. Daniel McLean

    Definitely needs some solo! Do eeeeet. Blue Album is unbelievable. I vote In The Garage or Only in Dreams next!

  2. Nelson W

    Ryan I love your channel and I have learned a lot. However I have to say that if I come to learn a song and I first gotta tune down a half step it's a pain in the neck. Clearly the folks in Weezer did it and I'm sure for a reason but if we all have to stop the show and de tune it's just a little bit of a bummer. My two cents. Please carry on. 👍🏽

  3. Chris Stanton

    How about for both Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell the acoustic version of Call Me A Dog? Not enough love out there for Temple of the Dog.

  4. Anam Kara

    Great tune….hope for some Cornell or Soundgarden for Chris’ anniversary 😩

  5. The Seeker

    By the way. Since I joined your guitar channel and have been practicing the songs you do and starting writing my own! My guitar playing has gone a new level? I swear man! THANK YOU! So Much! Your awesome my friend! Keep up all the amazing work! Please! HAHA! Its like I have a personal guitar sage! Lol.

  6. The Seeker

    Great Video Ryan! Yea man Wille invented some freaky chords. He would just be kicking back with the Upaloopas. Eating candy mushrooms and inventing chords. HAHAHA! That made me laugh when you said Willie Wonka invented these chords. O man I played your Taylor yesterday! It looked exactly like this guitar man. I didn’t realize those black buttons were volume knobs right? MAN! That guitar is amazing. Your lucky. It was a used one on sale at guitar center. I think it was either 1200 or 1700 somewhere in between there. I can not remember? I hooked it up to this really nice accoustic amp. Wth all these different reverb. I played on it for two hours! One of the best accoustic guitars I have played so far! I wanted to pull a super heist like a Oceans 11 just to walk out with that Guitar lol:)That’s is really cool about the comments by the musicians. I think this channel is going to do amazing things. I am glad I am along for the ride. Oh yea The Byron Nelson is being played 10 minutes from my house, I have played that course several times. Its very nice. Dam have you got to play golf lately?

  7. K Lohr26

    Great lesson! I nearly fell out of my chair when I opened up this video. I was planning to request Pearl Jam's "Undone" from Lost Dogs. For about 6 seconds I was wondering if you were reading my thoughts., then I read the rest of the title. Excellent album btw! Adding this to my repertoire.

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