The Truth About Scales (This’ll Blow Your Mind AND Enhance Your Musical Instincts)


  1. Alexander Rewijk

    yeah, i kind of found out that none of the 7 classical modes actually make a fret 0-1-3-4 scale on their own, as they all are the same "L-L-S-L-L-L-S" pattern, but just shifted.
    (L=2 semitones (long) , S=1 semitone (short) interval)

    so i concluded i must be switching back and forth modes mid-section when i play a scale on frets 0-1-3-4-7-8-11, or the whole note scale.
    i do like my bits bit of chromatic, and augmented chord fuckery too 😀

  2. Brad Allen

    This is a perfect escape plan outta the scale prison! Really great!! You're a brilliant teacher🙏 Aloha

  3. chumana tuuli

    best YouTube-music-video ever!!! I searched so long for this topic, especially for improvising. great job!

  4. OneEyE Monster

    it make sense..break the scale in half. It goes hand in hand if you study modes
    from the 9 parallel scales. It'll give you every possible 7 notes intervals variation…
    63 variations…or modes.
    Aside from ROOT and fifth….you can also do on the II and IV….becuase they're
    INVERSION of perfect 5th to each other….Then basically do it to all the 12 notes.
    You have to start some where..but it requires you to study INTERVALS…

    or play the scale in reverse…..
    Eaxmple ..if you ASCEND in MAJOR intervals…then DESCEND or MIRROR the intervals
    it PHRYGIAN…Then do it to other modes.

    You're not going retain or remember them all…but at least you's all OPTIONAL
    without limits. Different ways to get creative..create different sounds

  5. bigfatpear

    this didn't blow my mind , it only confused it. god, i must be dumb. i'll never understand theory.

  6. munEr lm

    I'm indian and bollywood music sound nothing like that. Inface it is just like western music, musically. However, real Indian music, which is referred as Hindustani Classical music, does sound even complex than what you tried to demonstrate.
    By the way it's a very informative, thanx for broadening the knowledge of ours Assaf lallaviyreaalsjjbmmxjs.

  7. Bernie Shaw

    Thanks so much for the new (old) ideas. Oh, and just love your Jack Russell puppydog!

  8. Sasquatch

    Excellent. I often wondered about the horrible quality of Indian pop music. Then I discovered that the real quality music from India is the Bollywood stuff.

  9. Steve

    Very eye opening lesson. Thanks much. If you have time please go further into this such as how to make the correct chords for the scales that have changed.

  10. Bob VE7EZI

    What you have highlighted here was a major influence on John Lennon and the Beatles, was it not?

  11. Alfred Nagy

    the supposed limitations of western scales and music create beautiful melodies whereas the multiplicity of many notes and scales in eastern music simply makes it all sound weird and the same quite simply without the grounding and tensions created by structured tonalities the eastern music just sounds like a frantic plethora of notes with no emotional feeling think of the magnificent chorus in beethovens ninth symphony of the haunting and deeply personal expressions in the delta blues quite frankly the eastern music for all its notes is repetitive and boring

  12. Ravish Goel

    I m from India, you are right here, Indian music is based on ragas and they represent different scales with many different combinations of notes, nice lesson

  13. Srinivasa Kumar

    Indian music is the origin of music. It comes from the ancient south indian instrument called "VEENA". It has 1000s of variations which comes from different RAGAS.

  14. Cemal Can İşçi

    Hi LickNRiff i really like ur videos and try to learn with them to fingerstyle. Can you send video about Avengers:İnfinity Wars with tabs? I will follow ur lessons:) Thanks

  15. Dr Slump

    Have you been talking about tetrachords all the lesson?. Or am I confused?. If you have, why didn't you use that name?

  16. keefbigman

    Such a relief that someone else can see past the constructs of the bland pop musical framework. When you forget the limited snobbery driven current western framework the creativity can begin! And that’s why the Beatles were so successful! One of the latter phrases you played actually sounded like english medieval phrasing, which was inspired by music brought back from the crusades! Wonderful.

  17. Ashrumochan Pani

    Sir I’m one of ur followers
    I’m a Indian
    I lv the way u play guitar
    Would u plz play any Bollywood song u like

  18. pankaj pandey

    Making sense out of music theory is what we actually need.
    Urge you to explore some more ideas like this and some more touch on bollywood.

  19. Aadarsh Roxk

    I'm India musician and for me scales are just the range where a singer can sing!! These changes belongs to Raags which gives versatility to music.

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