4 Easy Solos Every Beginner Should Learn Today! ( With Tabs)


  1. Blurelloh


  2. iamswitters

    I'm new to this channel and I'm really enjoying it. Lot's of great lessons for all levels of player.
    But, can you tell me; are those illuminated dots on the fretboard of that guitar? Never seen that before!

  3. Adam Sears

    Love the videos bro you taught me how to play a lot of good songs🤙🏼keep it comin bro you’re the best

  4. Mitch Ross Music

    Good video for for people with a few scales and skills under their belt looking to put full solos together. Good explanations too Rob.

  5. Death_The_Pizza

    ive been playing a while and gotten pretty good, i can play most of what i want to play..but i cant seem to get better. ive tried restarting just crushing the basics down..and while i sorta still try and learn something new every day..its hard to get to where i want to be. yet i am a fairly new guitar player being that i played for a year..then went through army bct and came home and tried playing again. so now im just trying to further my playing skill. and kind of develop my own sound. but its so hard when you have this large "burden of expectation" you see all these other players just jamming just 220bpm sounds good, but of course these people are mostly fully dedicated guitarist and have been playing for years. so i guess im just trying to speed up time. and try and get a good base level of skill for myself

  6. Hayden of Everything

    1. Living Simple Maid
    2. Everything I Do I Do It For Simplicity
    3. Simple Child O Mine (Only First Solo)
    4. Simplenyte

  7. Jim Forgrave

    whats with that campy Bill & Ted impersonation? Really??…drop the fake voice. Not funny.

  8. JT Althouse

    I love your channel because I get to learn a lot from you. I'll subscribe your channel if you subscribe my channel.

  9. Corbin Smith

    part 2! Part 2! Part 2! You should follow up with intermidiate solos, maybe living after midnight, ain't talking bout love, iron man, some intermidiate stuff. Cause I'm trying to get to be a good soloist and those propelled me into the realm of soloing after the really easy ones.

  10. TheDucebox

    Easy guitar solos:
    Knockin' on heaven's door
    Don't stop me now
    You shook me all night long
    Highway to hell

  11. Im Awesome

    My first solo was Back in Black by AcDc. It was only after a couple of months from picking the guitar up first time.

  12. White_Mountain_Dew

    hey anyone know that song that goes duh duh duh do duh duh duh duh duh? It think it goes for 3 minutes and a band plays it. It has like lots of instruments… anyone know?

  13. Enis LEBLEBICI

    This tone Rocks!!! Exactly what I want to achieve. I would appreciate if you could do a video on this exact tone. The EQ settings particularly . Thank you for your consideration. Enis

  14. Nice King

    I think you should add the solo to we're not gonna take it in there. It's super easy and great fun to play.

  15. boatbuilder1

    That would be nice.
    NOW Can anyone tell Me what the riff is to the Martin Guitar Advertisement that is on this and other youtube videos?

  16. Dale Palmer

    These are some nice easy solos and you make them easy to learn with your video presentation.

  17. EytschPi42

    my playing has become so bad… I am starting from the beginning… so…. let's learn some beginner solos…. here we go….

  18. felipe 69

    Robert, Did you study in a musician institute or somthing like these?

  19. Musiques de rêve

    Thank you Robert for this good idea, be happy first with easy solo but with style.
    have a good week-end

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