Ever Heard of Drop Eb Tuning? It’s ENCHANTING — [Guitar Lesson Tutorial w/ TAB]


  1. Isaac

    Can u do Chet’s ramble one day? I love that song

  2. Racho

    It's my first comment on you . Sir can you please make a Guitar lesson of a song "I am in love – once upon a time in Mumbai" . It's an Indian movie song..
    Thank you.

  3. UkeitarDoug

    The Cm/Eb was first shown to us in the Studio by our friend the late Glen Campbell. (He to began in the studio, where Brian Wilson picked him up for backup voicings.) Anyway, thanks for reminding me of these awesome days.

  4. Nick

    Can you please teach us how to play: si bheag si mhor?

  5. Evelyn Cordova

    Thank you for all the amazing guitar lessons!! Can I request Sabor a mi Please!! Awesome talent👍🏻

  6. J. Cloyd

    I have been playing my guitar in standard C for about a month and I love it!

  7. MaxImus SalaD

    Well i got a question???

    Can i make any fingerstyle arrangement without the help of Capo..

    Is it possible???

  8. Chas Jeronimo

    Also lower the Fm one fret. In other words hold down the F's on the 6trh and 1st string and play the middle strings open, for a Fm to Em walkdown.

  9. Anuj Menaria

    Sir i love your guitar lessons.
    And i learned many things from your lessons.
    I have one thing to ask.
    Can you make a lesson on ESTAS TONNE- THE GOLDEN DRAGON as it is not so easy to imitate from his video from my level.
    I know only you can do it.

  10. Celso Morenz

    Good evening, could you please take a music class If you leave me – Chicago? Thank you very much in advance!

  11. Ben

    I hope that one-day my music spectrum is as expansive as yours. A man can dream, a man can dream…

  12. KKY

    Wow! I really didnt heard of it yet… This sounds so amazing! Your Videos are the best :* 😀

  13. Ted Peterson

    Is a chord that is described as "dark and brooding" (or whatever chords and descriptive characteristics one wishes to apply to a fat G or, a D minor etc) do these chords or notes evoke similar feelings and tend to apply across different cultures?

  14. Hussam Alkaissi

    You can also tune the high E and B strings to F and C respectively, it would be much easier to play the Cm and Fm chords with open strings (that would be close to the Oud tuning)

  15. educostanzo

    Sounds kinda limiting, but even standard tuning is… But hey, when you play the open Cm chord at 1:28, reminds me instantly of Suni McGrath's Cornflower Suite, one of my favorite fingerstyle pieces, so I guess that's in Cm. 🙂

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