HEART WILL GO ON: Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson + TAB by GuitarNick


  1. nerdypeachmango

    do you grow your nails on your plucking hand a certain way? they seem pointy! i am learning fingerstyle & finding my odd length nails really throw off the sound, but so does not having nails at all..

  2. Marco Stern

    man you are amazing…I really thought that you always had to change the tuning to play this song.. thanks

  3. Callie Dan

    great job mate…this is absolutely the best way on you tube to learn guitar songs! – it beats the heck out of tabs, or long note-by-note explanations! – and the guitarist's camera view is nice. Your tone is superb and you really make the melody the heart of the work and keep it live throughout! most guitarist don't. THANK YOU!

  4. Marty Belfield

    @bmyutube4evarr i dont think so. look at the guitar the stringss are backwards, i think that they are right handed

  5. Musti Berliner

    Could you cover the Song wonderful tonight by Eric clapton,pleaseeeeeee???

  6. Cygear

    Oh thats great, it seems to be hard but in the end you just have to practice…nice work…dude i love you^^

  7. Tadranue

    I tried doing this without knowing exactly how to read tabs……I'll be back once I know how to. 😛

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