Joy Division – Shadowplay video guitar tab


  1. theAbstractFlower (Tabs)

    +Tabloid Junkie Hi, I'll see what I can do, I've got three more tricky ones to record by the end of the week. As for new requests be welcome to make new ones, I have time constraints but I'll do my best, cheers!

  2. Tabloid Junkie

    Hey again! I know I already requested a song but you're the only place that has accurate tabs. I wanted to suggest the live version of "The question" by Mac Miller! ( It has an amazing opening riff and solo! If you're too busy with all the other amazing songs I understand but please to consider this song!

  3. theAbstractFlower (Tabs)

    +Tabloid Junkie There's still a lot to cover, eventually I'll tab every song on the planet (given an infinite amount of time). 😀 Thanks

  4. Tabloid Junkie

    Yes! I've been wanting this video for such a long time. You're gonna go far if you keep making videos like these (Songs that are hard to find lessons on)

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