Lead Guitar Exercise


  1. Brendan Inglis

    Hey Marty! Do people request songs a lot in the comments? Anyway I think Black Water by the Doobie Brothers would be an awesome song for you to cover and a good fingerstyle lesson!

  2. Dan Aldaz

    This reminds me of the Colombia motion pictures theme song intro…

  3. Crn D

    Thanks for your awesome tutorials Marty 🙂 Could you do an acoustic lesson for Queen's Sail Away Sweet Sister? I'm curious about how you would play it

  4. Digant Vora

    Thank you dude.. You such a help for me to learn guitar @ home..

    Thank you Sir so much..


    Marty could you please show the unplugged version of take on Me? It would be super awesome to learn, thank you 🙂

  6. Heder Hayat

    Marty, been a huge fan of you since the early Guitar Jamz days. Would love it if you could make videos for Coming Back to Life by Pink Floyd (all 3 solos)!

  7. Korry Johnston

    There are a few songs I would love to have you teach us:

    Desperado by The Eagles

    I will follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie

  8. Adrian Bam

    how to be marty in 3 steps:

    1.get a flatcap or a normal small hat
    2.grow a majestic beard
    3.be an amazing guitarist and teacher

  9. Kalung Kapa

    sir can u plz make a guitar solo lesson on DragonForce trail of broken heart…

  10. Yo Dude

    Thank you so much Marty.I love every single video u made.It s very very really helpful.Honestly, I learned more from u than from my instructor.

  11. gustaf gustafsson

    Could you make a tutorial on Pink Floyd's Lost for words? Would really love to be able to play that song!

  12. mike t

    Nice video. Could you do more examples of modes in the same key?

  13. AwesomeN288

    Hey Marty, what mics would you recommend for recording vocals, drums, guitars, I was planning on doing some of my own stuff with my band. Great video by the way.

  14. Jam Bitt

    Hey Marty! A day or 2 ago you did a short lesson on kapo on 3rd fret D-Em-G … It's killing me…not that it's hard, just what song is it? All I get is 4 nonblondes "what's goin on" ? Is it that song? Thank jb

  15. autocrow

    Nice. Good to have new ideas for modes as well as exercises. My ear wants D to be the tonal center, so I'm playing D Mixolydian. lol

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