Music Theory For Guitarists: The Only 3 Scales You Need To Know


  1. bjhodge8

    +Eric Haugen
    Hi, Mr. Haugen. There seem to be some video/audio glitches starting at 0.07 sec. on your upload. Have you watched it recently? I don't think it's on my end, because I've replayed it repeatedly, and also, viewed other videos immediately before and after, that run without glitching.

  2. Don Lemelin

    Great lesson, thank you! Noticed your Goya and wondering if you have any thoughts on a Levin W36 I'm looking at one locally and would love your opinion on them. Thanks again.

  3. Clint Tucker

    That was cool using the paper diagram! Great lesson! Good luck with your channel!

  4. Mycle Bradley

    Ah, the Aug-minished and Demented notes and chords, the flavor of the musical stew.

  5. BluesDude

    Can you explain how I would know what a flat 5 or a 6th or a 3rd etc. Is? I get lost when I hear that. I know what they sound like I just don't get why they're called that

  6. Bflatest

    the cool thing is the blues scale and the minor both are hidden within the major scale. So once you understand that you can just learn the major scale and use it as the parent scale to pull other modes out of.

  7. J Ward

    Thanks for this Eric. I have forgotten these scales along the way. I think I'll go back and focus my practice on these three basic scales as part of a new foundation.

  8. Gonzalo Romano

    what about the harmonic minor scale, melodic minor, diatonic, diminished, so much fun…

  9. gavin Reid

    Many comments seem to refer to moving the scale for other keys , and number of variations. Check out the CAGED system.

  10. gavin Reid

    The Blues scale is the minor pentatonic scale with the addition of a flat fifth.

  11. Kyle

    Awesome video. Thank you for this excellent lesson. Rock on my friend.

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