Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy)


  1. Victor Camacho

    Alan, simplemente SENSASIONAL !!!!!   la forma de como interpretaste este tema, sigue asi, te admiro mucho, tienes mucho talent, gracias por tus videos.

  2. Dave Bingham

    Hello Alan ! Love your channel and have learnt many songs from it 🙂 , I'm getting a bit confusing on the Em on this song as there is no finger positions is it just played open??

  3. imad Lebiar

    thnx for your time and work alan , great ! … i love your pink floyd lessons , shine on

  4. Shot Into Oblivion

    theres a fun song called more gun I think would be awesome to see you play theres no singing in it and is rather simple to play, just look up (meet the engineer, more gun tf2)

    and as always you are very helpful with your videos thank you Alan, have a nice evening

  5. Adnan Halla

    OMG! I guess I found my guitar teacher! … I like your pretty good tutorials cause you show it very easy. Best wishes from Germany and thanks dear teacher!

  6. Marc Newman

    There are a lot of great guitar lessons available in the world and on the net. In my opinion, no one does it better in a more simple format than Alan. He provides the clearest video lessons for one to get a song down the fastest of any I have seen. The songs Alan does are the songs the most people want, the songs that make playing fun, the songs that make you look good and have fun when getting together for an evening with friends. If you haven't – Subscribe so you get the frequent email with his most recent lesson. Go to his home page and look at his great library of lessons. It is simply fantastic and gets better every week. May I respectfully request when you can, throw him a support donation once in a while he is worth it. We never want to lose him! THANK YOU for what you do Alan.

  7. Janzen Lim

    Hey, your videos are awesome man. Keep it up!
    Can I request for a song called "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt?

  8. RAWR Ghosty

    hi i really like your way of teaching and you have awesome playing and voice, could you do far from home by five finger death punch, cheers

  9. J Wilder

    Great bass line. Good singing too
    How long after you play the first chord before you stay playing again.

  10. spongebobzzang

    I'm a beguinner and watching your videos I can play my favorite songs on my own! Thanks so much :)💕

  11. Frankie

    Ive said it once and ill say it again. You deserve millions of subs man.

  12. Andres  Cabrera

    Mr. Alan, you're an excellent teacher and singer. I enjoy your tutorials so much. Thank you for your very good job. Sorry about my english, congratulations from Uruguay.

  13. Brady TheJust

    Just when I think you've outdone yourself…you post something like this! A very interesting take on a classic song and you portrayed it beautifully 🙂 Great job and keep it up!

  14. stiffex

    Very interesting arrangement Alan. I learned how to play this a different way a good few yrs ago, showed my friend then forgot how to play it altogether, will deff give this a try …. cheerz & thanx

  15. jz homer

    could you maybe cover some sinatra songs? like thats life or strangers in the night?
    would be very happy to see them played by you 🙂
    keep up the great work and have a nice day !

  16. SQDLVR

    Another nice one. Love it Alan! So perfect for today. We're having a massive rain storm complete with thunder and lightning

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