Beginner Strumming Pattern 2 – Slow Rock Strum Guitar Lesson with Mark McKenzie


  1. Alireza Sadreddin

    Can I use my classic guitar instead of an acoustic? What's the difference? Do I have to change my classic nylon strings to an acoustic to be able to play my favorite pop songs?
    Thanks indeed.

  2. Son Nhat Son

    1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4
    d – d d u d – d d u d – …
    1 chord and – miss
    1 same 3
    2 same 4 : eight note triplests

  3. Ron Salas

    It works for me if I count this way:
    1 2 and a 3 4 and a
    d d u d d d u d

  4. Pete Nguyen

    Knocking on heaven's door is a good song to practice this strumming pattern

  5. Hope Love

    Hi really enjoyed your video. At what point do you change chord ? So it's down, miss , down , down , up then change chords or after the next down ?

  6. edgardo cossy

    this is very helpfull. Thou I could use to know which chords I may use with this strum. thanks

  7. SaberSoo

    Actually can we do the strumming without using a pick?Just using our finger.

  8. 王龍

    Hi do you have a pop strum video? I need to learn that strumming.

  9. Thuy Huynh Trang

    thanks so much Mark
    can you please give some famous but simple chord songs for this strumming pattern so that we can apply and remember. really appreciate!

  10. Brook Williams

    THANK YOU THANK YOU! All of these videos helped me SO much I was beginning to think I would never be able to play & while my family can play so easily & pick stuff up fast I sat wondering what was wrong with me!!! The way u explain things makes it easy to understand & I know it takes time for u to make these videos but please know you are really helping people:)

  11. svinjazadrigla

    You have the best strumming videos, especially i like this step by step explanation. No words to describe how helpful this is for me. Thanks man!

  12. Seth Jeffer

    Mark, thanks for all the free lessons.  Your lesson about one minute chord changes has helped me  progress more in the past week than I have in a month before trying it.  I am in your debt big time.

  13. Diego Prado

    Thanks Mark. Very good lesson, so clear and well explained. I am checking all your strumming lessons. Any suggestions on songs to practice this pattern. 

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