Blues Guitar Lesson – Where Did You Sleep Last Night


  1. ThePKLizard

    Oh god, first of all, it's the song of one of the biggest blues guitarists: Leadbelly !!

  2. Sher Singh

    @rkontna how can it be horrible ? while it was the company who only matched the criteria for steve vai's ibanez jem

  3. Derek Nebel

    @photocowan well if you played long enough it shouldn't really matter. you should be able to tell anyways

  4. jamie cowan

    when doing a lesson . it would be easier (for me) if you had inlays on your frets

  5. pienJe

    @GODZILLA7802 i also have this guitar was my first guitar really crappy guitar :p

  6. ajay kapoor

    thanks fr d wonderful stuff…i tried princiopal chords n dis,,,but ur stuff is mindblowing man!!!!

  7. MeGaPrAnG

    dont matter what guitar to use…if u can play the blues then u dont need any well known guitars…well only if u cant play coz u need all that help to get the sound i guess….modulated bottle neck chan? WTF ppl that bad these days?

  8. dinein1970

    All of this pretension about "Ibanez is a horrible blues guitar" and "Les Pauls are the way to go"… SO I guess that John Scofield and George Benson, when they are playing their jazzy-blues… are doing what? Playing Ibanez! Oh, how HORRIBLE! It is such a USELESS argument; what's a better blues guitar? How about Strats? Does that not fit in your Les Paul statement? Better tell Clapton to pack it up, because noe523 says Eric's guitar isn't a LP… so go home!

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