Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright Guitar Lesson Easy Fingerpicking


  1. Bob Harris

    Hey All, just wanted to give you all a heads up about the Tux Guitar Program that I've included. The program is showing the KEY OF C and is playing in the KEY OF C… On the video and with the Capo 4, we are now in the KEY OF E, which is a BIG DIFFERENCE!! So when you play along with the TUX GUITAR file, you have to take the Capo off!
    I will keep trying to figure out how to transpose Tux without changing the tab. If anyone out there would know how to do it, let me know okay… bob

  2. Phil Smith

    I tried to get to your web site but nothing appears. I assume your web site is down right now.

  3. discover3d1

    Hi Bob, firstly I'd just like to say, what great follow up to the previous tutorial,
    and what a masterstroke utilizing the same picking pattern, it certainly makes life a lot less complicated, especially as I'm still practicing the previous song of Larry's..anyhow my friend, to answer your question about transposing a song in tux ,you'll find the utility under the tool menu ,its at the top of the list , or at least it is in the latest version (1.5.1) you just have to enter the amount of semi-tones you want to adjust the song by either positive or negative depending on which way up or down the scale you want it to be, there is a drop down menu to choose the amount of semitones from, but if like me, you are unsure,which I really doubt you will be, just experiment, you can always click the "undo " button (top left) if its not quite right , hope this helps a little, as it would be nice to give something back for once.. till next time then my friend , cheerio.

  4. yandeni

    Hi Bob, while training with Tux Guitar I have been surprised that the sound is quite different from what i hear in the video. I first thought my guitar was wrong tuned! In fact TG does not take into account the position of the capo on the 4th fret. I guess it is normal and deliberate and there is nothing to do for matching TG file with the capo position. Right ? Thanks!!!

  5. Ernst Krause

    Hoi Bob, again a great song learning to play. I don't see the link for part 2?? I hope you are well. And bob i have 1 question. I followed your lessons 'I walk the line' . I learned lesson 1 and 2. Normally there should be a 3 lesson, but i never found it ?????
    Let's go to work ( it is not work 🙂 ). Let's have fun , AGAIN

  6. yandeni

    Great idea to use "Thumb over Thumb" as a stepping stone to other legendary songs. It is a very stimulating method + a daily happiness to learn with you step by step. Warmhearted thanks Bob. Soon further comments.

  7. Jack korlann

    Hi Bob, I am enjoying the thumb over thumb applied to additional songs. Question…. How would you use the thumb over thumb pattern playing the major D chord?

  8. Kay Lodahl

    love this song.. I want to give it a go but waiting for the link to the sheet music and tab?? Maybe I missed something…

  9. Helen Isenor

    Beautiful song, Bob. Thank you for all your hard work, and doing this for us. Great close up shots on your right hand . Hope you have a great day

  10. Dana RedWolf-Paul

    Wow, I was so delighted when I received your email! This is one of my favorite folk songs and I've been looking for a tutorial on it forever. Really appreciated. Thank you Bob!❤

  11. karine

    Bonjour from France, Bob! 🙂 I am so glad you uploaded this lesson; this is an awsome tune I never managed to play because the picking needs to be so fast! So I guess I'll start with your lesson, hoping you will make more difficult versions of it in order for us to play it like the original. Cheers, Bob! have a great day! and thank you for being here :*

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