How To Play Atonal Metal Licks


  1. Chris Zoupa

    Tomasso… this is amazing. You're an incredible teacher/musician. Great lesson!

  2. Barry Tweed

    No such thing as atonal music, all so called atonal music is really in A minor 🙂

  3. andrea petucco

    I feel you don't know what you are talking about, this is not atonality at all, this is tension. This is atonal metal :

  4. Chip87

    Nothing about this is atonal. If there's a tonal center, which there clearly is in every lick/riff you played, that's literally the opposite of atonal. You should call this lesson "chromatic passing tones in metal guitar."

  5. Jason Hamilton

    Dude – why are you being a tweaker with your knobs? Leave them alone man – what did they ever do to you?

  6. CarnivorousRoach

    I got a question as a newbie about metal riffing, i just learn lowest 3 strings for "a" minor scale and start riffing with some articulations. what should i do to break out and spice up my metal rhythm guitar playing? Does song key matter for metal riffing? should i try mixing in more scales and keys and how? i am really confused about this.

  7. Majoras

    the best method is to move up and down the shaft in a diagonal pattern

  8. squashedmike

    Tomasso, Where can i find videos of you playing music rather than just short phrases on these teaching videos?

  9. ashtweth

    You have comedy (Bead biting my neck) great theory approach, even Chris Z complemented that, SOLD MY FRIEND will check out your stuff asap. Great work!

  10. Steven

    So simple, yet so effective! I'll have to check out more of your lessons!

  11. KlexWolf

    these are no "atonal" notes, but simply sustained notes, like in a sus4 chord for example. atonality is a something completely different concept.

  12. skypjuh

    That's why Meshuggah is so hard to listen to..
    I have no guitar knowledge whatsoever but thumbs up for the juicy italian accent 😉

  13. Akaash Saprathas

    If you don't do it on EVERY note, it's not atonal, it's just extensively chromatic. Any note left out obtains a kind of "inverse tonality".

  14. Ashley Nadine Ducreux

    Metal is stupidly easy. Just throw in some chromatic stuff, a few accidentals (which is basically your techniques), flatten the 5th to have a diminished quality = metal

  15. xezdog

    Thank you Tomasso!
    It's just plain Great!
    And I love your accent too 😀

  16. Nick Savage

    Nice and easy way to add another flavor to your phrases. Excellent tip Tommaso, can't wait for more.

  17. Mia Polyiviou

    What are some scales you would recommend I learn before I try this? I am beginner to intermediate with an acoustic guitar. Wanting to get onto electric soon.

  18. diasspeed

    Why dont you just say to the people watching this video to go learn Phrygian mode and diminished scale? That's what you are playing mostly but you call it a "trick" instead of the actual names. These are basic modes

  19. Sovereign Sentience

    Grazie professore… i tuoi video sono sempre interessanti da guardare e imparare da.   Potrebbe mostrare alcune delle lecca un po' lente?   Che è una bella chitarra ESP che avete.    Ho la fortuna di possedere due orizzonti (Horizons  :), che sono molto cari al mio cuore.  Sono chitarre incredibili.    Cheers from northern Ontario.

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