How To Tell What Guitar Chords Are In A Key – Guitar Lesson


  1. Germán Vicencio L.

    Great information given in this video! Thanks a lot!

    Although… I think that "a guy talking to the camera" is not the best way of showing the information given in the video. You could have used in-screen titles or something

  2. graphicartdude

    Thanks for the tips. I knew about the 1,4,5 but not the 1,3,6 being minor. To all the assholes who bash good videos like these, screw off. You should be thankful people take the time to offer these free videos. 

  3. nick aguado

    This guy tries too hard to be sophisticated and appear intelligent. Either that or he likes the shlong.

  4. Prem Joy

    supr coool!! can u pls tel me hw to remembr which chords is the minor in a scale??? 🙂

  5. slee 1993

    So if I were to play a song in the key of G would that mean I couldn't play a F major chord, would it mean I am out of key? Thanks

  6. leatherwings007

    ^ That just reminded me of the mathematical marvels from Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land…

  7. 16CmC16

    fuck your voice keep lowering when saying the notes.. -_-

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