Lesson 7: “SECRET O’ LIFE” – Official James Taylor Guitar Lessons


  1. George H.

    Dang, thats some serious finger twisting going on there with one of those chords..

  2. Amazing ME

    fuckin hilarious….Greatest artist in last 50 years ……only 37k subs
    Get the fuck outta here

  3. Skip Wiggins

    These videos are more than lessons. They are gifts. This gentle man has such a sense of nuance and style and tenderness — in his voice and in his playing.

  4. colyn barrett

    Your,the tops James! Liked, your style for Ages, 70s right up till now. 66 years young. Many thanks for….All, your help, and guidance. Have, a Merry Christmas and happy New year to you.

  5. Russell Scott

    Two words come to mind when I think of James and his exceptional musical talent, effusive and elusive.

  6. Tom Walker

    This song is one of my best friends. I learned to play it back in the 70's using the "drop the needle" technique with the JT LP. It was extremely difficult and took weeks. I listened to every chord over and over and over until I could pick out each note, then figured out where my fingers needed to be in order play what I heard. I'll never forget finally figuring out that F#add2 chord and thinking, "You gotta be kidding me!" I'm proud to say after watching this video that I came within a couple of notes of a perfect rendering. It was a life-changing experience learning what being a real musician was all about. I hadn't played Secret O Life in many years and finding this video helped me restore it to my repertoire. Thanks, James, for such a generous gesture.

  7. Isser Dayan

    Wow what a privilege!!! How cool is this?? like running into him at Guitar center in the acoustic room. The master himself. im going to finally start learning this song. Fire and rain and you've got a friend i been playing them for years. This ones a little more difficult to learn. Thank you Mr. T.

  8. Pusung Noel

    I'm grateful to have a heavy influence on you, I can't thank you enough. More power!

  9. Professor Keller

    And now we have something else to be grateful about you. You are a permanent source of joy for our lives, James. Many thanks for taking care of music, love and life for so many years. A big hug from the southern hemisphere.

  10. Chris Butler

    Thank you, James. My single favorite video recording of yours was in that same barn., at home with a group of amazing musicians and friends. Now I can add these lessons along side Squibnocket as the ones that most resonate with me.

  11. Widmer09

    Wow! I was searching for a lesson of this song on YT. Didn't expect to see a lesson by you. It's great to learn exactly how to play this! Thanks so much James. I play a lot of your musics for the seniors at nursing homes.

  12. Bob W

    Thank You James! I so appreciate you taking the time to show us how to play your music and your playing style, which is one of a kind! Your music has so influenced me in my musical journey! So many hours I spent working on your songs back in the late 70s. Great memories I will always cherish! Secret O Life still moves me everytime I hear or play it. Blessings to you!

  13. jTango

    A buddy of mine just texted me about going out and doing something. I told him "sorry, I'm taking a guitar lesson from James Taylor right now".

  14. Cynthia Wallace

    I bet 'm not the only guy who googled 'Joe Beam'.   Hahahaha!.  Who the fuck is that?   Bossa Nova and JT made me try to learn to play guitar in the first place, so it ain't like I didn't know who Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim was.  y'know Corcovado, One Note Samba, How Insensitive, Waters of March, Wave.  Yeah, that Joe….. Beam..

  15. Sal Romito

    I grew up on milk, cookies and James Taylor! I'm loving this sweet baby James!

  16. Sal Romito

    very cool finding this! I can't really orient myself after having always learnt by looking from the front of the guitar and not from above.

  17. fomomoto3

    Am I the only one who finds the perspective chosen for the left hand completely disorienting. This is such a great idea and certainly my favorite somewhat obscure Taylor tune. Surprised to hear him describe the Jobim references in the harmony. Love Jobim harmonic structures. To search for a lesson on it and find this was a real treat. there go the next few hours,

  18. Bill Last

    James, beautiful song & chords!!!!  Anyway, you can post the chords/tabs?  Greatly appreciated for your talent and lessons…..  Bill Frudakis

  19. Norm weintraub

    I shook hands with you backstage at the Olympia Theater in Paris a couple months ago on March 12th. It was your birthday..and mine as well, and after almost 50 years of listening to your songs and all the memories you have created …lets just say it was quite a moment for me :o)….thanks for these amazing lessons…guitar and otherwise.

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