Los Pollitos Dicen (Instagram reharm challenge) – Jazz Fingerstyle


  1. Reuel silva

    Espetácular … Admiro seu trabalho … Deus abençoe cada vez mais irmão

  2. La Parkax

    Walter you are awesome, is a really fantastic job what do yo do 😊😊.

    Can do you make a solo cover of the way you look tonigth by frank sinatra? It will be great.

  3. Junhyung Lee

    Thank you always for the beautiful music!!~ All of your arrangements give me the chills~~ I love how you always smile at the end of your videos 🙂 Much love from South Korea <3

  4. robbin s

    I love your guitar playing..❤️
    Could you upload more video ..please?

  5. Jay Tee Kay

    Loved the whole thing! I especially loved the last C-D-E part, I didn't know you could do it that way!
    Then again, I can't stretch my fingers that far, so oh well 😂

  6. Fabricio Rodrigues

    Walter, admiro demais teu jeito de tocar e como essas cordas soam sob seus dedos. Você me daria a honra de saber quais foram os artistas e obras que mais te influenciaram? Eu realmente gostaria de conhecer e estudar mais sobre o estilo.

  7. Abuv Entertainment

    Walter your playing is very beautiful, articulate, and inspiring. Every piece you upload seems to be well thought out. It would be extremely helpful – to many of us growing musicians – if you could make a video that walks us through your process of reharmonizing a song or arranging a piece of music. (How you create the perfect voicings and shapes etc). God bless 🙂

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