Red Hot Chili Peppers “Californication” Guitar Lesson


  1. Red Fish

    Hey Marty, can you do a tutorial on “Dixieland Delight” by Alabama?

  2. Leftwingassociate

    Great job Marty! Could you do the Californication Intro and Solo from the Slane Castle concert too?

  3. Joe Burger

    Thanks for another great lesson, one of my favorite red hit chili peppers songs

  4. toad gaming

    thank you for teaching me i know 22 song because of you much love bro much love

  5. Bill Brummett

    Thanks Marty. Would really like some Tab Benoit such as his version of I Got Loaded with some lead ideas. Thanks.

  6. Patrick Morris

    I just wanted to personally thank you Marty I wouldn’t have even been able to learn guitar if it wasn’t for all your videos. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  7. Jack Woods

    Can you do some song from the lou reed live album american poet please Marty 🙂

  8. Nicolas Martinez

    Hey Marty love all your lessons, would really appreciate a Jackson Browne tutorial for Late for the Sky solo, it is a beyond beautiful solo, love from California!

  9. Katherine Grady

    If you want to learn the solo to this song, look in a cheerio box at midnight. It's SOOOO EASY!

  10. Fanny

    Yoooo 🙂 Can you do I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash? It would be awesome 😀

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