Slap and Pop Guitar Lesson


  1. CameraGuyify

    Your scream didn't startle me, but my laptop was plugged into my amp it was REALLY loud. Probably made the neighbors wonder what the fuck is going on

  2. MONOS

    Great explanation. Very simple yet extremely helpful!

  3. Andrew Southworth

    I would imagine economy picking with the slap technique would work, which is basically how bassists sweep pick. I haven't personally tried that, although now I will, haha.

    As far as 'double thumping' the highest string, it does get harder as the strings get thinner. I would just do whatever makes the most sense haha. If it sounds good, and feels good, it works. Either way, the highest string i've used musically with this is the G string. Going higher is basically only for practice.


  4. Kevin Schraeder

    Great lesson man and I look forward to more !, with that said though I do have a question , when double thumping and crossing to other strings , would you suggest using the economy picking approach with your thumb? & how do you yourself double thump your highest string ? ( I personally find it very weird without having a string to push off from , so I just avoid it for the most part and switch to finger plucking

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