Tesla Love Song guitar solo lesson Weekend Wankshop 180


  1. Michael Bruce

    I forgot this album existed. I know each note like the back of my hand. Nailed the solo like omg. right on ben

  2. Darren Adams

    Ben ! Get me into your class ,Man I didn't know you taught in Morristown ! Brother I got Mt name on your list ,I'm a paying customer ,look forward to learning something and I will bring in some of my vintage guitars, see what they sound like when someone who can play gets on them ! LOL !

  3. Paul Johnson

    Now, do "I Remember You" by Sebastian Bach. Or at the very least, tell me how to pull of that cat scream dive part of the solo right before it switches to the D chord.

  4. Travis Bowden

    Amazing job as always. This has been a goal of mine to learn and you made it possible!!

  5. Joe bob

    This WILL be the first solo I will ever learn and play. Pretty excited about it! You're the coolest Uncle ever! Thanks.

  6. MrMshep79

    I LOVE Tesla! Great guys and awesome concerts. Thank you for taking the time to put this out.

  7. Alex Alex

    Hi Ben! Do you play to a backing track? Is it available? Would be nice to learn those solos you teach and play them to a backing track. Play along is cool too, but then the original music kind of helps out to sound better than I actually play 🙂

  8. RantKid

    Pretty simple overall but I like the melody and I especially LOVE the bend+ringout+arpeggio bit at 2:18 and 2:50 – definitely using that style in my playing from now on! Thanks Uncle Ben

  9. Hybe

    Can u maybe give a tip on how to pick like Jon Schaffer?

  10. Billy Hughes

    Big Tesla fan back in the day. Frank Hannon is one of the most underrated guitarists of that era. Great job Ben.

  11. Harrison Crutcher

    Do you like Gojira? I think you should do a tutorial on that Gojira harmonic pick scrape thing if you like Gojira.

  12. h0tsex0r

    Ben, i want to hear more CONVICTION and see more "rock faces" here. 6 out of 10

  13. Keith Shelley

    YES. I've been trying to learn the real way to play this since I started guitar. I'll definitely rip this one this weekend. Thanks, Uncle Ben!

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