The Lively Ones – Surf Rider – Guitar Lesson with Tabs


  1. roflmows

    Good but a little too fast and rushed. It should sound like a longboard gliding across a glassy wave. Slow down dude, no need to hurry! 😁

  2. kat

    grew up on some of these on LP vinyls… appreciate the effort… excellent collection of surf… where can I find the tabs…

  3. C. P.

    Nice job, but you made the mistake that many have made on this tune. The 3rd note on that rundown in bar 8 and again throughout the tune is a C#(fret4) not a C (fret3) effectively morphing the tune from Aminor to Amajor for a second. Its one of a quite a few quirky bits in the original that are really important but the majority of people miss.

  4. Adam Stringer

    Can you cover it with the Jaguar too? I want to hear the tonal differences. Perhaps make a comparison video of the two playing the same songs on the same amp settings?

  5. DAN VAL

    THANKS, for helping me learn the song. Here is how it turned out.

  6. garthrallysport

    Here's me trying to resist a Jazzmaster and you're playing one with the colour I want too

  7. dan iel

    give this man a cookie. not because he rocks, but because he's really malnourished

  8. Anton Boyko

    СУУУУПЕРРРР!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUUUUPERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. J Triodeski

    Great as usual Bruce. Question – This is different from the Lively Ones lesson on the Jaguar. Not just the fingering on the intro, I get that it is more efficient, but the A minor and Fmaj7 arpeggiated runs.
    Why and still sounds great just wondering about the different version.

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