How to Use a Guitar Capo


  1. mainegeek

    OK, I'm sort of confused. New to guitar. I have one tab that shows the capo on 6th fret but most of the strumming is lower down on 2 or 3 frets. What am I missing? How does a capo higher up still allow the lower frets to sound different? It seems to me each string will sound accordingly to the 6th fret. I tested and seems to be the case but all the comments on the tab say there is a capo on 6th??? AND all the research I've done on capos show it set lower and the tabs playing higher.

  2. VeeVeeVeeV

    At too complicated….just to to learn how to use a capo…….basic..simple use of a capo.

  3. Eduardo CM

    If I placed the capo in any fret can I still playing the G chord the way I did without the capo??? Don't know much

  4. Jm O

    i thought cpos were used so u can play chords closer down the handle

  5. MrContortable

    Anyone thinking of buying a new guitar capo should definitely check out the new CapoSonic. You can hold down notes on three frets!! Check it out at

  6. oshawaxpress

    @pepperroni17 – good idea, it's about experimenting with different tones and registers and as the guy says, 'textures'. You've still gotta play the guitar and sure, you could overdo it but he explains why it can be useful.

  7. Solilska

    @xDet3rmin4tionx Yeah I was putting it in the middle of the fret…
    Thanks dude xD

  8. Solilska

    @xDet3rmin4tionx are you being serious? I only got one the other day but I never knew xD where do you put it? O.O

  9. Kirk Lorange

    @marcoandres96 … It's one and a half TONES, not notes. Don't worry though, I won't call you dumb the way you did to the other guy. I could, but I won't. I will suggest that as well as learning about music that you learn some manners, however. Manners are very important in life. Being rude, while it may seem cool to you now, will work against you as you grow up.

  10. codeP08

    @rolandroiroi I've no idea where else you could buy it. Maybe on the internet, but that too would be off a site that deals instruments and everything, no? But why would you NOT wanna buy it at a guitar shop? 😉

  11. codeP08

    @TheHaloChief117 It makes it higher. Think about it, if you put the capo to the 4th fret, what it does is it frets each and every string at the 4th fret for you.
    Let's suppose you want to play in A-D-G-C-E-A tuning. If you try to tune your gitar all the way up to that tuning (which is 2.5 steps up from standard E), I guarantee you that you'll break your strings, cuz they can't bear that much tension. So what do you do? You put a capo to the 5th fret, and bam, problem solved.

  12. CorvetteCoonass

    @mayabronco Well your buddies must be some pretty close minded fellows. A lot of chords are just impossible to play without a capo.

  13. Russkiejim

    Hey Joe,The tool is called a capo, short for capotasto, an Italian invention with the 'a' pronounced exactly as the 'a' in 'asshole', or the correct word 'arsehole'.
    Surprise your friends, by being the first to pronounce the word correctly!

  14. stunt101ism

    If someone didn't know what all that ment it would sound really wrong. LOL

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