In the Flesh – The Wall by PINK FLOYD – Guitar Lesson – David Gilmour


  1. Brian Myers

    Best Lessons on the Web, Having the Tabs as you explain makes its easy to learn, so many will speak the notes and play it, but their chubby hands are in the way so you have to rewind and listen over and over to figure out the riff, rather than just look at the tab, boom, got it , now I can move on. Thanks for using your brain and helping mine

  2. Paul M

    can you please do the solo for Thin Ice? no one on youtube has it!

  3. Muckypup82

    thank you. I was having trouble figuring out the solo on my own and this helped. damn it was easier than i thought. haha. Thanks again.

  4. zog noty

    what kind of amp setting did you use?u almost nailed it perfectly

  5. SiicKxShoTz

    I don't understand how to do bends, for instance the first little mini solo part, do you have to palm mute?

  6. GeneraleRam

    Hi! I had a guitar and I tried to play this song, I notice that the the sound of the 3 top stings is more "week" that yours… Is because you are using some distortions?

  7. Gabriel Canto

    It's very clear that in the original there is a double swing on a muted string before the riff

  8. SikoSoft

    I'm confused as to why you didn't include the final note of the solo portion in the tab. You play an extra note, and even at 4:17 you say 4th string, 2nd fret, but this isn't on the tab. >_<

  9. braindamage70

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us Pink Floydians.. Is there any chance you might show how to play "Goodbye blue sky"?

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