KK-Yaaron Guitar lesson/Tutorial Fingerstyle (www.tamsguitar.com)


  1. Muzakkir Biswas

    Tamal sir,
    your lessons are always very cool and unique, but its very hard for the intermediate guitar players to play your stuffs…..

    So if you can plzz upload a tutorial for people like us, we will be greatful to you..

    Thanks, you are really one of the best teacher on youtube..

  2. Amol Gulhane

    I would be grateful if you could give intro chords for lucky Ali O Sanam. I figured out some part, but want to sound as close as possible to original.

  3. Amol Gulhane

    thanks Tamal for this awesome lesson and also for many other lessons. you are the most authentic Indian guitar tutor I've seen on YouTube. I wish you keep doing this and keep inspiring people like us!

  4. Devendra Shrivastava

    Sir can you please upload the fingerstyle tutorial of the entire song (lyrics) of this song also.
    Thank You and Well Played.

  5. marsh joe

    Hi Sir, nice video loads of thanks for ur. Videos really helpful. If u could do a vid on. Baatein kuch ankhaee si. Frm Metro sung by KK unplugged version pls

  6. anshuld90

    Hi Tamal,the video is awesome, brilliantly explained. can u pls tell me which guitar you are using ?

  7. Pradip Basak

    Bro there are malwares in your website. Please clean it.
    And your tutorials are just awesome.

  8. vic87m

    You bengalis re so good at music..
    Loved this tutorial!

  9. Rohit Pun

    i was trying to play this song from so many years thank you so much…

  10. Arjun Naik

    Hey! Can you do a lesson for the song ''asmaan ke paar" from the same movie?

  11. Rohit cool

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  12. Dipayan Banerjee

    Best tutorial. Beautifully explained.. this is really called tutorial not just play yourself..great talent 🙂

  13. gullbuttqasim

    I have a request to make how to play whole song with chords…yaaron by kk thank u 🙂

  14. Darpan Chavan

    Beautiful song with awesome finger style playing 🙂
    Can you tab out the entire song? There is a solo part after first antra?

  15. Rahul Desai

    Nice tutorial bro. Where do you teach in kolkata? I am from kol too. It would be great if i can meet you in person

  16. Guru Prasad

    This is the best tutorial i have found man. thanks a lot! Love this song!

  17. Ravi Srivastava

    This is my favorite song and i have always wanted to perform it for my friends. Kudos to you for taking so much effort to pull out this song so superbly. Hats off bro Aap God Ho /

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