Malaguena guitar lesson – pulgar, ayudado, triplets exercise


  1. mark honeyman

    Great lesson, Edina. I have only ever played Malagueña with a single ayudado, I’ll give this a try. Thank you. 🎶🎶

  2. Pi Ivy

    Nice one. I've been playing that song for years and it is a great exercise, right up there with Asturias. Both of those songs can be played with so many different nuances.

    BTW, is that the NCX2000?

    Also, love your smile. I can tell you truly love making these videos.


    Very cool exercise for a malagueña! But at first I had to tune my guitar!! :-)))

  4. t0msan

    i can't seem get my steel string to sound like your guitar – are you using an alternate tuning ? lol

  5. Byan Jack

    Gorgeous lady wid fantabulous guitar playing skills… wish to meet u

  6. Samson Urbano

    Yet another request fulfilled 😉 thank you Edina for your beautiful talent and sharing some of your skills with the less fortunate. I have developed skills thanks to your videos. If you could please teach me some of the chords and notes for your composition would be appreciated.

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