Mixing Minor and Major Pentatonic Scales


  1. 37BopCity 2017

    Thanks Martin. Β One of the best major/minor pentatonic lessons on YouTube. Β The colour explanation is excellent.

  2. yjmsrv

    You should have made the major notes yellow so you could have made the blue note… blue. Bwhahahahaha!

  3. Steve

    Wholly damn you have huge hands. Thanks for the lesson πŸ™‚

  4. Keifer D

    The missing link!!! great stuf. so simple but so much to offer in sound. thanks!

  5. MAHAM

    Great lesson mate! Simple and easy to follow. Subscribed πŸ™‚

  6. Kriss

    This is exactly what i need! I was wondering when will someone tape this boxes, for easier visualization of theory πŸ™‚

  7. Puro Cerro

    Well, you manage in five minutes of PLAYING and ACTUAL teaching, to illustrate very directly something extremely useful. Congrats! I'm really sick and tired of the narcissistic fool that tries to "teach" but ONLY talks. Unfortunately, they abound in YouTube and worst of all, they have the faintest idea about how to COMMUNICATING a concept, idea, shorcut, etc. Trust me, a LOT of PEOPLE can learn from you. You nailed it!

  8. Daniel sabo

    What he's talking about is commonly referred to as the "Slash Scale"Β , because he uses it so much.

  9. Brian Osbment2

    I basically play minor pentatonic,major pentatonic,the major scale,and the natural minor scale in my solos. Got to move to something a little more modal,or at least differen't.

  10. Brian Osbment2

    So when you say major 3rd,your just grabbing that 3rd note from A major scale,off the 6th string in this case,correct? I use the minor pentatonic and major scale,but not mixing them together. I understand the intervallic spelling,for both scales,but could never move beyond that too much. Maybe I could learn bits and pieces,and actually move to more advanced stuff. How about a chord progression this would work over? This whole idea is kinda bending the rules,right?

  11. Tobias Lesman

    This opened my eyes and I see the scales in a whole new way. I never thought about the major octaves.

  12. Ahmed Moussa

    perfect lesson! been having a brain lock in the minor pentatonic box and starting most licks with the minor third. this video is the best I've found so far to help me break out of that. thanks a lot

  13. Roberto Silos

    So glad I stumbled into this site, I'm off to buy some colored stickers or are those colored marking pens? Anyway, you have just inspired me more, Martin. Thanks and aloha….

  14. acanova2001

    Great Lesson. I added you as a Sub. Can you check out my channel and add me as well? Thanks

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