The Single Most Important Guitar Strumming Pattern


  1. Captain Ron

    By watching these videos I am rolling on the floor in laughter if you can't strum a guitar when I can tell you to do is take it out back and shoot it you have no rhythm you will never have any rhythm no matter how many techniques you watch on this guy's video everybody that's good on the guitar has their own technique of Planet guitar yes they are generic ways of playing a guitar but in reality a person that's not a beginner a person that thinks they can play but a person knows he can play in other people's enjoy his playing knows that he has his own style his own Rhythm technique his own chord changes and the way he holds the pic or openly finger picks on the strings yes all these videos and might help you but eventually they will frustrate you to the point where you need to take your guitar and take it out back and shoot it it will be a nice conversation peace and you might be able to Dazzle Somebody by doing some amazing chord tricks like is this D or G or B or maybe it's an E minor I don't know what is an E minor or an E major? For all you people out there watching these videos good luck in your endeavors on playing a guitar if you do not have the Rhythm you do not have the time to play the guitar yes a lip wrist is better on strumming down and up Strokes not locking your elbow but maybe sometimes your style is locking your elbow and strumming up and down it's everybody's preference I've been playing guitars for years I've been in bands with big names and I've been in bands with no names matter fact I'm in a band right now that does not have a name haha but that's okay they have their own style and you're not playing somebody else's music they have their own music and they are perfecting it maybe you should learn how to play a song and it's in your heart and in your mind and of your experiences in life not somebody else's song it never works out because they will compare you to what's on the radio and when you make a fool yourself your face will turn red and then you'll take your guitar out back and shoot it like the dog it is good luck in your endeavors The Wrecking Crew

  2. Mehran Ujjan

    I wish someone would teach how to practice striking ONLY the strings needed for a given chord, especially on the upstroke, whether it's 3 strings only, 4, or 5. Depending on the chord, the downstroke has you omitting certain strings at the beginning or top of the strum, i.e. either string 6, or 5 and 6, or 4, 5, and 6. But all remaining strings are strummed down to the 1st string. If this isn't difficult enough, the upstroke is even harder. In chords that don't use all 6 strings, you must stroke the first 3, 4, or 5 strings (which means strings 1, 2, and/or 3 depending on the chord), then avoid having the pick strike strings 4, 5, and/or 6. This seems very difficult, yet no one talks about it. It's overlooked in all the many lesson videos online, yet it's a required ability to keep from including notes in chords that aren't suppose to be heard. In fact, I have yet to find even ONE lesson video that discusses this. The most I've seen is how to wrap the thumb over the 6th string to mute it, thereby allowing the player to keep stroking all 6 strings without worrying about not touching the 6 string, but this seems like a cop out. It doesn't solve the other problems of 3 and 4 string chords, and a muted note is still a faint sounding note that shouldn't be heard at all. Why doesn't anyone talk about this and how to practice it? It seems to be the most difficult aspect of strumming.

  3. Tracy

    This is the first video that has made me confident to actually pick up the guitar I bought where I was offered to be taught and the person reneged and I thought whats the point, I may as well sell it. Now, I can say that the first step is to practice this and teach myself 🙂

    Thank you!

  4. Augustin Fernandes

    Sir Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Really i've been able to learn so easily and quickily. Thanks for your help.

  5. Anonymous Owl

    And here I thought I forgot everything I learnt years ago. My hands still remember!

  6. Bebopflea

    What speed would you suggest if I was to practice strumming with a metronome? I have been practicing daily and am receiving lessons

  7. SC Champ

    Sir if we get used to the strumming pattern shown in this video…will we be able to make the previous learnt strumming pattern easier or we will forget it?…pls reply

  8. Jim Dankernoggins

    Wondering what the right hand mute/strum thingy is called on the last exercise? Thanks! Great video and videos!

  9. Mr. Bounce!

    omg the last tip is awesome gonna try…I am a little experienced level player

  10. psychoxx gmr

    i,m worst at changing chords can someone tell me why?i've have practise so hard but i could't do it, 🙁

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