Beginning Blues Guitar – Part 1 – 12 Bar Blues Shuffle in E Lesson – Easy Blues You Can Use ;)


  1. Lu Hui

    The right hand is up down up down or down down down down?

  2. Robert C

    a basic simple lesson –but gee whiz very essential and important ! I didn't know it! Thanks v much for showing us! I'm going on to the next one.

  3. wingchun29

    Hi pal been watching your videos every day can I ask how long you been playing for your class mate your peter green wow I can play the licks just can't put it together

  4. Dannys Guitar Channel

    Hello, Glad you liked the lesson and thanks for your comment, I will do how to play the blues in different keys for part 6 of my Beginning blues guitar series which I will try and get filmed over the next few weeks.

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