BLACK SABBATH Guitar Lesson – 15 Great Riffs!


  1. Spikey 1227

    Paranoid is wrong, it's 12h15 on the A string, then 12h15 on the D string and repeat, not what you did, you could also pick all the notes instead of hammering on

    Btw, h=hammer on

  2. cdsmetalhead99

    Symptom is incorrect. It should be E5 power chord 7 times, then Bb5 twice, repeat the E5 7 times, then play E5 one octave higher, and lastly Bb5 twice again.

  3. mike giffin

    Any Tabs for Sabbaths VooDoo? The one's I've seen so far don't sound Correct. If you do could you let me know Thanks!

  4. Don R

    These videos are great. Started learning just to play sabbath.

  5. Doctor Idiot

    I don't even have an electric guitar yet but these got me even more stoked to get it

  6. grady purtilo

    Got a the Sabbra Cadabra pedal coming on Tuesday! Going to woodshed all your Black Sabbath lessons again! Thanks Bobby


    Is there something wrong with paranoid? It sound a little different. I think when you go back to 14 th string it makes a different sound. Maybe it is just because of tunning.

  8. Black Sabbath70

    Hi Bobby. I've seen the most of your videos and i really like them. I think on this video you should put Under the sun by Black Sabbath.

  9. Johnny Wirtz

    symptom —c# standard tuning first powerchord starts on 3rd fret top string and take it from there thanks —just sayin ,,,you play better than me! haha

  10. Mike D

    I play Iron Man all on the E string.
    Just go from 7 to 10 to 12 to 15,14,15,14,15,14 back to 10 to 12.
    But yeah, slide when you have to etc. etc.

  11. Ridley On Steroids

    Symptom of the universe is wrongly played
    you must go MUCH higher, allmost to the point that it sounds like a fuck up, A.K.A go just below that powerchord and a halfstep more 
    and its a REALLY off rhythm song, so its weird to play 

  12. Higashaa

    Hey bobby
    Pleasee can you do a video for Wheels of confusion

  13. Skepz

    Hey man sorry this is SO LATE however i would like it/ ( i am the only one saying this iknow) if you could play some DISTURBED songs…..if your up to it of course

  14. Manicjamm

    "The beauty of Simplicity"    "I feel like I'm Cheating somehow"!

  15. svenzia

    Awesome video, Bobby. Kind regards from Stockholm, Sweden

  16. iodinesoul

    Great stuff Bobby, but on Symptom, it's 7th fret on the A string before the 6th on the E string at the end .

  17. Wizard

    Weird, I have never played iron man like the tabs you've shown.

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