Bugs Henderson Teaches about the Blues – FREE LESSON


  1. zappa96fan

    Saw Bugs open for the Kinks in Tulsa in about 1979. He played an Ibanez Iceman. Smokin….

  2. greg ruffin

    We saw him one night J & J blues bars in cowtown. The band took a break and I told my wife go up there and snag his autograph…. she walked up to him and asked him for his autograph. Bugs looked at her like she was nuts. But he gave it to her and to me it is priceless, thanks for the memories Bugs. RIP brother.

  3. TheRedsails

    he was one of the greats and great friend to who ever he met , god have this great soul by your side , amen

  4. Petr Řeháček

    that's depends on preference, pinky its really weak finger, so many people play without pinky cause this shortest finger never be capable do things what other fingers can do, just saying, I use all 4 fingers too… still great video though.

  5. nellgit

    too bad -he sure played great -and liked to share how he got there…RIP Bugs…

  6. Makayla Risner

    This is my girlfriends (Makayla Risner Henderson) grandpa and I got to meet him in the hospital and he was so strong. So loving to his wife. He was a great man and it was an honor to meet him… RIP Bugs Henderson.

  7. KapnK

    I had the pleasure of watching Bugs for the last 41 years. A really good guy and a guitar wizard. Sure gonna miss him.

  8. Dangerous Guitar

    We are sad to announce that our dear friend Bugs Henderson passed away. We will never let you be forgotten BUGS!!!

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