Cannonball Guitar Lesson – Part 1 – Basic Version


  1. chad

    Thank you for this awesome video. My favourite song and It's really easy to follow with your technique. Keep it playing over and over especially with your great voice.. – NZ

  2. Donatas

    Nice tutorial! Very informative and well done. Cheers from Lithuania

  3. Elizabeth Malsin

    I am from Portland, Oregon. Just found your Cannonball lesson. You're a down to earth and informative teacher. I will definitely look for more of your lessons!

  4. Manu Ll y Marisol

    Hi, Greetings from the Basque Country. Awsome lesson and excellent choice of songs. Great Matton guitar  (is it?). Some Jack Johnson songs would be very welcome.

  5. denroy lewis

    I love this but can't afford a guitar😢😊really want to learn more though

  6. jmdeeded

    Watching from Jensen Beach, Fl. I love your music selection and the speed that you teach your ideas. I grew up listening to my older brother playing Neil Young. Now that I am learning, I am very glad to try some newer stuff. Although, when I can try a little Lou Reed, I will be super happy. Keep the lessons coming and thanks!

  7. Omar Rodrigo Harris Maytín

    I've been away from the guitar for more than 20 years. Has been a nice experience finding your videos and discovering this amazing tips that make more enjoyable stretching my fingers again with my old guitar. Regards all the way from the Republic of Panamá.

  8. Meowrisio

    It would be awesome if you play chords along some part of the song at the end of the video. Thank you С:

  9. Günter Z

    Hi from Austria, really appreciate all of your lessons especially when you play & sing (great voice), helps a lot!
    Maybe you could do a lesson on "Drink a beer / Luke Bryan"

  10. martin sanderson

    martin here from England.

    im some who gave up the guitar some 20 years ago .
    basically i could never get the strumming right .
    but with the power of the Internet and your videos.
    and a new guitar hopefully i will get it licked .
    keep doing what you do please

  11. PascalsWager5

    Love the lessons. Every single one. Look forward to them. You're my new favourite teacher. Thankyou.

  12. Jake Williams

    Hello from the Pacific Northwest – the great state of Washington in the USA! As someone who gave up guitar for multiple years, I just want to say I really appreciate these lessons here and on Jamorama. – I've learned far more than I ever thought I would and now play every day! Thanks!

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